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CryoSpa Ice Bath
Cold Water Immersion has been proven to aid fatigue post exercise recovery, boost your physical performance, and help prevent sports injuries.

How about:

  • Being able to train more intensely?
  • Recovering from fatigue more quickly?
  • Reducing the symptoms of Delayed Muscle Onset Soreness (DOMS)?
  • Hard to believe? The CET CryoSpa provides an optimum therapeutic effect for post exercise recovery, using a deep penetrating cold, which works to eliminate fatigue and maximise recovery meaning your body is extra energised for your next exercise session.


    Want to get back to training and playing as quickly as possible?
    The CET CryoSpa comes complete with various integrated stations for targeted injury treatment for ankles, knees, calves, back and more. Combined with an intense massage using over 42 jets, the CET CryoSpa treatment leads to quicker injury resolution, so you can get back to the training ground more quickly.

    The CET CryoSpa is used by players worldwide in a large variety of clubs, teams and sports and fitness centres as well as by physiotherapists right across the UK and Ireland.

    Sports teams that own a CET CryoSpa include AC Milan, Manchester City FC, New York Jets, New Jersey Nets, Fulham FC, Portsmouth FC, Club Brugge, Sporting Lokeren, Widnes Vikings, Legia Warszawa etc.

    Team GB used it at the London 2012 Olympics as well as the German Olympic Association, OSP Berlin as well as the Ulster Rugby Squad and GAA footballers.


    The CET CryoSpa ice bath gives you:

  • Constantly cold therapy as the temperature is controlled digitally, meaning that the temperature of the water which you get into does not fluctuate but remains chilled.
  • A vigorous massage effect due to the 40+ jets in the CryoSpa which have a strategic placement in the spa.
  • An inside step to facilitate targeting fundamental muscle groups.
  • Benefits_of_Ice_Bath


    Benefits of Cold Water Immersion
    Benefits include the following:

  • Prevents injury.
  • Speeds recovery.
  • Keeps muscles limber.
  • Repairs muscles.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Feels good afterwards.
  • Less muscle soreness.
  • Induces sleep.
  • Less muscle pain.
  • Less muscle stiffness.
  • Treatment for heat-related illnesses.
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    We have had tremendous success with the CET CryoSpa, treating all sorts of injuries such as soft tissue injuries, ligament damage, muscle tears, etc.

    The CryoSpa has also helped greatly in the prevention of injuries as clients muscles are recovering quicker therefore their muscles are performing at a higher level for longer which in turn severely reduces the chance of injury from muscle fatigue.

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